Ubuntu Software Center Offers Books, Magazines

Canonical will now be selling electronic books and magazines through the Ubuntu Software Center. The Ubuntu Software Center, which was originally known as the Ubuntu Software Store has been expanding a lot since its introduction back in Ubuntu 9.10. Beyond just replacing Synaptic as the default package management GUI in Ubuntu, the Software Center for … Continue reading

GNOME Shell 3.2.1 Released – Softpedia

Owen Taylor announced earlier today, October 18th the immediate availability for download and upgrade of the GNOME Shell 3.2.1 user interface for the GNOME 3 desktop environment.

Getting Started with Wine

A lot of people make the mistake of downloading Wine and expecting it to work out of the box with their Windows applications. It should be noted that Wine is simply a compatibility layer by itself; it does not include the necessary drivers and library files needed to run most Windows applications. 

How to Add a Random Quote as Your Signature in Evolution

In this article I’m going to tell you how you can add a random quote as your signature in Evolution, like this:  

How to Convert RPM to DEB and Vice Versa

As many of you know the most used packages on GNU/Linux are deb and rpm. deb is the extension of the Debian software package format and the most often used name for such binary packages. Debian packages are standard Unix ar archives that include two gzipped, bzipped or lzmaed tar archives: one that holds the control … Continue reading

Xubuntu Review: It Packs a Punch! (With Screenshots)

Xubuntu 11.04 is a fast, stable operating system for older systems or systems that could use the performance boost. It is beautifully well put together and easy to use.

A Brief History of My Life on Linux: Part II

This is the second story in a short series about my experiences with Linux. You can read the first article in the series by clicking here.   For the time being, I was quite happy on Mandrake and even upgraded to a more recent version of Mandriva. After a while though (approximately 6 months) I … Continue reading

A Brief History of My Life on Linux: Part I

  This is the first story in a short series about my experiences with Linux.   I just realized today while wandering around the website archives that I have never really written a summary of my experience on Linux. The whole story is there in my archives but who really is going to read through … Continue reading

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Alpha 2 Has Been Released

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is here and it’s brought improvements! A couple of improvements worth noting is that it now comes with Thunderbird as its default email client and Deja Dup has bee integrated with Ubuntu One. A lot of changes have been made to Unity as well, and we can only hope that Ubuntu … Continue reading