10 Reasons Why I Love Sabayon Linux

I’ve been with Sabayon Linux for over a week now and it has already made it to my top Linux distribution list. Its speed and convenience is unparalleled by most of the mainstream Linux distributions. And besides Gentoo I have never seen a Linux distribution with such a large and complete collection of software in its repositories. … Continue reading

Backup and Restore Installed Software in Sabayon Linux

Here is a simple script that will backup your manually installed software in Sabayon Linux and will restore it at a later date if you need it. backup_and_restore.sh.tar.gz Untar the package in your home folder and issue the following command in Terminal: chmod +x backup_and_restore.sh Next login as root or super user and issue the … Continue reading

How to Get Wireless to Connect Automatically in Sabayon Linux

There’s currently a bug in Sabayon Linux that makes you re-enter your administrator password and network password for your wireless network every time you log in. Not only is this annoying it’s a time waster as well. Well, fortunately there’s an easy fix to it:

Sabayon Linux Definitely Has a Personality All to Its Own

Well it’s my third day on Sabayon Linux and I must say it definitely has a personality of its own. From its snappy performance to its unusual bugs it has left a huge impression on me. It’s also had me going through wikis and forums more than any distribution I have ever encountered on the … Continue reading

Adventures with Sabayon Linux

Despite having issues using Sabayon Linux on a USB stick with persistent storage (unable to install packages), I was so impressed by its speed that I decided to go ahead and install it. Surprisingly I have found that most of the software I use is already included, including Gnome Tweak Tool.