Sinking in to sweet uncertainty There’s more beneath the skin than she will ever show More drama than she could ever know She closes her eyes and lets out a deep ridden sigh This existence… this sweetness… Will not be concerned with her It will not be concerned with her No, not at all… what … Continue reading

>the reincarnation

> An angel crashesFeathers all aboundAnd burnsDown to grey ash on the groundAn angel once cast from heavenIs now rebornAwaiting her grand returnThe eternal phoenixAs the master has createdThe virgin Venusian mother smiles againA new creation awakes with the sun


>your bite is lethalsucking drawing out from my core your voice beckonsdemanding more and more your venom stunsthe locks ripped from every dooryou drain my coreand now my body lies crumpled discardedonce demanded now rejectedparalyzed and dejectedwithered on a dusty floor

>My Heart

>my heart…it bleedsas they feedfeasting on my broken dreamsthe pain…it healsas it concealsdrowning mesix foot deep.


>the song ever dying on her cold, withered lipslongingever longingfor his forever immortal kissoh, for the renewalthe renewal of this now dark, frigid soul she clings tooh, only clings toin the silent, fervent prayerthat God might truly forgivebut He waves away all hymnswith silenceand true love dieswhen the prince won’t comefor she’s tasted of the … Continue reading

>Carnival Carnate

>child sweetkiss these my lips of winedrunk on each otherspinning a web on an endless cloud of dreamsfalling down intoluxury, lustcalling our namesswimming andcalling your namewe’re on clouds of rosesbeds of whitedo angels singseemed so when youoheyes only talkhands only walkthese lips so mute just said whatwe don’t have totongue-tied murderhung first degreewe’re a crimeillegal … Continue reading

>The Demon and My Angel

>The demonIt haunts me…Hiding, waitingWaitingIn the darkest corners of my mindChilling every boneWaitingWaiting in every cornerHiding in every shadowRefusing to leaveThough I screamThough I fightIt controls meNothingNothing can chase it awayFor it clingsIt clings like an unwanted petA plague to the unconscientious mindAnd no one can ever knowNeverMy darkest secretNeverThe truthNeverNever will anyone believeLeave me … Continue reading


>beautifulI look into your eyesand am tempted to believebut the truth creeps up my spinefrigid and darkand I knowI am nothingI am deadand you, oh enchanting childoh wandering fairieare living in a fantasyand I wonderhow long it will lastlonging to keep on dreamingknowing to do sowill only break my heart when I awakehoping it will … Continue reading


>your grin at meoh you’re such a childinnocent and sweetunbruised and unbrokenyou’re heaven to meI wish I were like youbut I’m freezing and I’m coldso afraid I’ll spoil this perfectionthis perfection named youwhile I grovel among the ashes of my lifeyou fly above with the music and the angelsof my deepest dreamsand I reach outI … Continue reading


>Two bodiesIntertwinedTwo loversHearts combinedUniteBeat as oneOne breathOne momentOne endless second of everlasting perfectionOne euphoric epiphanyWaiting to burstInto a thousand lust kissed petalsDrifting downBlessing two divine soulsBecame as one