Getting Started with Wine

A lot of people make the mistake of downloading Wine and expecting it to work out of the box with their Windows applications. It should be noted that Wine is simply a compatibility layer by itself; it does not include the necessary drivers and library files needed to run most Windows applications.  Advertisements

How to Add a Random Quote as Your Signature in Evolution

In this article I’m going to tell you how you can add a random quote as your signature in Evolution, like this:  

A Brief History of My Life on Linux: Part II

This is the second story in a short series about my experiences with Linux. You can read the first article in the series by clicking here.   For the time being, I was quite happy on Mandrake and even upgraded to a more recent version of Mandriva. After a while though (approximately 6 months) I … Continue reading

A Brief History of My Life on Linux: Part I

  This is the first story in a short series about my experiences with Linux.   I just realized today while wandering around the website archives that I have never really written a summary of my experience on Linux. The whole story is there in my archives but who really is going to read through … Continue reading

>Kubuntu and door openers

> Image by prashant maxsteel via Flickr Well, after discovering that Kubuntu loaded my Bluetooth dongle and paired with my phone just fine but just needing to backup my files (still kicking myself for not partitioning the HDD and letting Ubuntu install everything on to one partition), Ubuntu flipped out on me. First it was … Continue reading

>Trying out Mepis on an old laptop

>Mepis has pulled a surprise on me. My mom had an IBM Thinkpad 600 given to her, complete with a PII, 5 gig hdd, and 128 mb of ram. It came with the previous owner’s installation of Windows 98, but no cd. With some support from her best friend, I convinced her to give Linux … Continue reading

>Of Vista, Ubuntu, and Love

>Has anyone else noticed CompUSA’s odd love affair with Vista? One of the employees said that they got a big handbook on Vista that they had to read and learn, then proceeded to try turning us over to the dark side. WTF? This wasn’t a cashier, either – this was someone in the repair department … Continue reading

>So I’m installing Ubuntu now…

>Here I am, waiting for Edgy Eft to finish downloading so I can install it. I don’t know what keeps pulling me back to Ubuntu. It frustrates me more than any other distro I’ve encountered. Yet at the same time, it attracts me. I think it’s the stripped down simplicity of it that beckons to … Continue reading

>Speeding Up Mepis

>These are just a few tweaks I give to a clean install of Mepis to make it run/start up a bit faster. They should also work on any Debian based distro using KDE. Navigate to /etc/inittab and open the file as root. Now comment out the following lines so they look like this: #3:23:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 … Continue reading