Brennan Shows He Has Soul!


10 Things I Have Learned as a Linux Blogger

These are ten things I have learned as a Linux blogger. I hope they help strengthen and encourage someone out there.

Do Me a Favor Please

When going through the archives of this website, pay attention to the blog author. There are posts here by me, Jonquil, and there are some old posts here by FreeTrafficSystem from when I was trying out their automatic content system. The articles I got from them were mostly junk, and when you flame me for … Continue reading

My Views on Blogging Within The Linux Community

Within the Linux community, as a blogger you have to be tough. Because you’re going to get flames and from the comments I’ve read you’re going to have tons of them.

And now things come to a conclusion…

Wow, I have received a lot of really positive comments recently. I have re-thought things and I’m going to just start moderating comments and deleting the abusive ones. I apologize to the rest of you that you have to wait to see your comment appear, but I feel the pros of this outweigh the cons. … Continue reading


Today has been a rough day with some rough decisions to make. I find my world view is changing. Please stay tuned while I make some adjustments. 🙂

It’s My Blog and I Can Write if I Want To: Part II

The cruel measures some people will stoop to in order to try to make someone feel bad about themselves will never stop amazing me.

It’s My Blog and I Can Write if I Want To

I pay $7.95 a month for hosting a blog because I enjoy writing. I don’t profess to be a professional of any sort, much less a technical writer. I enjoy writing though so I take the time out from my busy/hectic work/school/home schedule to write about the new things I learn about Linux. Why Linux? … Continue reading

“Illuminated” Chapter 1 – In The Garden

The following is an excerpt from a book I am writing called “Illuminated”. I am publishing the first chapter here to get opinions. Please feel free to comment on this! Chapter 1 In The Garden Vanessa knew as soon as she stepped on the warm, green grass that this would be a trip she would … Continue reading

A Brief History of My Life on Linux: Part II

This is the second story in a short series about my experiences with Linux. You can read the first article in the series by clicking here.   For the time being, I was quite happy on Mandrake and even upgraded to a more recent version of Mandriva. After a while though (approximately 6 months) I … Continue reading