Backup and Restore Installed Software in Sabayon Linux

Here is a simple script that will backup your manually installed software in Sabayon Linux and will restore it at a later date if you need it. Untar the package in your home folder and issue the following command in Terminal: chmod +x Next login as root or super user and issue the … Continue reading

Sabayon Linux Definitely Has a Personality All to Its Own

Well it’s my third day on Sabayon Linux and I must say it definitely has a personality of its own. From its snappy performance to its unusual bugs it has left a huge impression on me. It’s also had me going through wikis and forums more than any distribution I have ever encountered on the … Continue reading

How to Start Using SSH in Fedora

In this article I will tell you how to set up SSH on Fedora 15/16. Secure Shell (SSH) is a TCP/IP service. It provides a secure mechanism for remotely logging in to one system either over the local network or over the internet from another system. SSH is useful for managing a system remotely or … Continue reading

Updated Scripts

My scripts have now been updated so they will not run unless you are running them as a super user or root. There have been some other adjustments made to make the scripts easier to run. 

GNOME Shell 3.2.1 Released – Softpedia

Owen Taylor announced earlier today, October 18th the immediate availability for download and upgrade of the GNOME Shell 3.2.1 user interface for the GNOME 3 desktop environment.

Getting Started with Wine

A lot of people make the mistake of downloading Wine and expecting it to work out of the box with their Windows applications. It should be noted that Wine is simply a compatibility layer by itself; it does not include the necessary drivers and library files needed to run most Windows applications. 

How to Add a Random Quote as Your Signature in Evolution

In this article I’m going to tell you how you can add a random quote as your signature in Evolution, like this:  

[Phoronix] Fedora 17 Has A Tasty Codename: Beefy Miracle

Last week Mark Shuttleworth announced Ubuntu 12.04 LTS would be codenamed Precise Pangolin while this evening Red Hat’s Jared Smith has announced the codename for Fedora 17, which will be released around the same time next spring.